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Automation Anywhere Online Training in LUDHIANA

RPA Online Training is quality reputed Automation Anywhere online training platform in Ludhiana. We have developed proper syllabus structure for both basic and advanced training for Automation Anywhere. As you might be knowing, RPA is gaining a significant momentum since the last half a decade. The requirement of skillful employees in now rapidly changing towards the field of Robotic Process Automation.

Brief introduction about RPA Training Online| Best Automation online training platform in LUDHIANA

Automation Anywhere is a creator of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. Automation Anywhere Business combines conventional RPA with intellectual elements such as natural language handling and reading unstructured data. Automation Anywhere application will allow businesses to automate the operations prepared by humans. It produces business software tool for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Automation Anywhere robots help end to end business operations for companies. Join in to study Robotic Process Automation, we provide RPA online training, Robotic Process Automation training in Ludhiana. We are giving the coaching on Automation Anywhere Training, Blue Prism training, with affordable cost.

Where we implement Automation Anywhere:

Some of the sectors we implement Automation Anywhere is

  • IT Sector
  • BPO Non-Voice sector
  • Business Support Services like Finance, HR, Admin, Sales, Marketing, etc.
  • Data Analytics will see a lower but sure impact

Why This Course?

Advantages of Learning Automation Anywhere

  • It is in extreme demand by the major organizations.
  • Extremely easy to learn.
  • Easy to deploy on physical machines as well as on cloud.

Course Content

Automation Anywhere Course Content
Automation Anywhere Control Room
  • Deploy Project
  • Add Clients
  • Operations Room
Task Bots
  • Recording Task
  • Creating Task
Overview on Task Editor
  • Features of Task Editor
  • Different sections in AA
Command Categories
Keystrokes / Mouse
  • Insert Keystrokes
  • Insert Mouse Click
  • Insert Mouse Move
  • Insert Mouse Scroll
Programs / Files / Windows
  • Open program/File
  • Files/Folders
  • Window Actions
  • Log To File
  • Manage Windows Controls
  • Object Cloning
  • System
  • If/Loop
Pause / Delays / Wait
  • Web Recorder
  • Launch Website
  • Send Email
  • Internet Connection
  • SOAP Web Service
  • REST Web Services
  • Run Task
  • Stop Task
  • Read from CSV/Text
  • Excel
  • Database
  • XML o Interactive
  • Prompt
  • Message Box o Miscellaneous
  • Clipboard
  • Comment
  • Play Sound
  • Variable Operation
  • String Operation
  • Prints
  • Services
  • Error Handling
  • Image Recognition
  • Screen Capture
  • App Integration
  • OCR
  • Email Automation
  • Terminal Emulator
  • PDF Integration
  • Citrix Automation
  • PGP
Automation Anywhere New Features
  • IQ Bot
  • Meta Bot
  • Web Control Room